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Musical Fun from Leon & Malia! Hawai'i Kids Calabash DVD release late October!

The much-anticipated, Hawaii Kids Calabash is now available in stores throughout Hawai‘i and in our online store.

Like the original, the new Hawaii Kids Calabash video is full of musical fun, featuring hundreds of island children, puppets, and the great Hawaiian outdoors. This DVD has songs about the Monk Seal, the Green Sea Turtle, a fish called ‘O‘opu, the Coconut Tree, and how we must Mälama Hawai‘i, take care of, the land, the sea, the people.

The new Hawaii Kids Calabash DVD has some bonus features on it like a special song about Hilo’s Sampan buses, and Russell the Rooster on a nature walk with Uncle Dave in the forests of Kaua‘i.

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